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Please contact us for further details of our services if you are interested.


Azima Mosaic Art offers exquisite and unique Mosaic Art as well modern Vitrail art with a Persian touch. If you are interested in owning a piece of fine art that is one of a kind please feel free to contact us.


For art-lovers on a tight budget who appreciate fine arts, we offer a rent-to-own service that makes it affordable to own a fine piece of art. Short-term art rental is also available to those who stage homes, businesses, etc. Please note, there is no pre-written plan, all plans will be customized.

Custom Art

Custom Mosaic Art is available to home-owners and bus iness-owners. Design, size, location, price, etc can be discussed with the artist. Please contact for further information if interested.




Mosaic Art

Custom Projects


Azima Mosaic Art is a fine arts company which specializes in Mosaic and Vitrail Art. You can purchase our art for your home, business, or you can purchase a custom design. We make it easy for fine art lovers on a budget to own our art through our customized "rent to own" plans. Of course we offer mosaic and vitrail art pieces framed and ready to be sold but we also offer custom design mosaic art for either your home or business.

  • Mission Statement

    At Azima Mosaic Art we are dedicated to creating the ancient art of mosaics with the same delicate craftsmanship our ancestors used thousands of years ago. We pride our self in our unique techniques and the quality of FINE art we create.

  • Management Team

    Saghar Azima is the founder and owner of Azima Mosaic Art. She has dedicated her time for the past few years to perfecting her mosaic artistry. She has not only studied Mosaic Art on her own but has studied it in several institutions in Iran. Saghar Azima has obtained a B.S. Hons. From the University of Toronto and has 2 certificates in Mosaic Art and a certificate in Vitrail art. She has worked on several large projects both residential and business. Her goal is to spread the beauty of Mosaic Art with a touch of the East to the West.

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